Mr. Chalk Colored Chalk Markers 10 Pack


Are you looking for an easy way to engage the kids?  Or are you hoping to find markers that are bright high quality and easy to wipe off for your signs? Grab a box of Mr. Chalk Colored Chalk Markers and you won't be disappointed. 

Use for bright vibrant dustless erasable writing and coloring, use on LED boards, Bistro signs, Sports Bar windows, Plastic, Chalkboard Contact Paper and any Non-Porous Surface.

Mr. Chalk premium chalk markers can also be used for projects where you want a permanent stain. These would include porous surfaces such as clothing and most fabrics.

You will enjoy hours of fun once you receive your top quality markers, your mind will become filled with ideas of how you can bring some color to your environment. Mr. Chalk High-Quality Paint Markers are so easy to use. Just follow these 3 steps...

1. Shake 2. Uncap and pump gently with the tip facing down until ink flows out 3. Begin writing!

It's just as easy to clean up and it can also be done in 3 easy steps...

1. Dampen a clean cotton cloth 2. Wipe away the marker 3. Rinse and repeat until gone!

You won't be sorry that you chose to invest in our markers, the colors are vibrant, bright and they are easy to use, kids, love them!

Don't forget that your purchase is risk-free with our no-fuss 60 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Since you have nothing to lose, go ahead and grab yourself a box and get one for your friend while you're at it. The more you buy the more you save! See a list of our coupons below.

Enjoy your markers!

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